The Sen Lab, in collaboration with the Polley Lab of the Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary, seeks to interpret a 5-dimensional data set obtained from auditory neurons of mice. To do so, I came up with ways to visualize and interpret the data in a way that allow us to reduce the number of dimensions, making the data more manageable.

One of the ways to do this was to utilize parallel coordinates plots to simultaneously inspect all 5 dimensions at once. Visualizing the data using parallel coordinates allows us to to identify parameters that the particular cell is invariant to, thus essentially reducing a dimension.

Another way to do this was to make a 3D surface plot with shading and color that corresponds to specific parameter values, inspired by Hans Rosling’s Bubble Chart.

Most of the code for this project was written in MATLAB. I also utilized Xdat to generate parallel coordinates plots.

Visualization of cell firing data for one particular cell

A typical parallel coodrinates plot